National Police Ammunition (NPA) is proud to be one of the few manufacturers of sintered frangible bullets, using our own proprietary mixture of copper/tin. Using a proprietary process that allows the bullets to be additionally crimped this allows for greater bullet retention without causing micro fractures in the bullet. This prevents projectiles breaking while being loaded as well as “shot gunning” out of the barrel.

10 years ago, NPA used other vendors bullets just like the big companies do today. Not being satisfied with other companies’ products quality control, tolerances, and consistent frangibility, we decided to take matters into our own hands.

In 2016 we began the process of developing our own frangible bullet in which we could control the tolerances and frangibility. After significant time and resources, we believe we were able to produce the most consistent frangible bullet on the market.

We have “in process” quality controls that allow us to ensure that our product holds a diameter tolerance of almost 2/10th of one thousandths of an inch and our average bullet weight is within .035%(E.g. a 100 grain 9mm would vary within .35 of a grain up or down) of target. We also have in process crush testing that qualify that our bullets will consistently pulverize on AR500 steel targets. Government specifications are as follows “after 10 rounds are shot into an AR500 steel box, the largest retained particulate cannot exceed 5% of the original total weight of the bullet.”

With our proprietary formula and heat treat process, our bullets will consistently be more than 38% less than the Goverment specification. Additionally, with our heat treat process we can allow the bullets to be crimped with more force. This prevents push back with our rifle bullets and does not cause microfractures in the projectile.

NPA has custom rotary machines that have the capacity to fill even the largest orders of projectiles or our SDR line of ammunition. Our bullet profiles will constantly feed in all autoloaders and will group similar to law enforcement duty rounds for extreme accuracy.

After years of development and continued development, we at NPA believe we manufacture the most consistent, reliable, accurate frangible bullet in the world.

*NPA bullets do not contain any harmful substances such as silica (glass) as a binder which once breathed in can cause cancer over time. Our projectiles also do not contain iron, which can spark when impacted against steel targets, causing indoor range fires in or behind a steel backstop. The danger can be even more enhanced when there is rubber on said backstop. We recommend that all shooters of frangible ammunition take great care in the type of frangible ammunition they shoot to avoid any of these hazards.